Snorkel the clear and safe waters of the beautiful North Solitary Islands, part of the Solitary Islands Marine Park.


North Solitary Island is only 7 nautical miles from Wooli. Its an oasis of life. The Island has everything you could wish for – in the clear warm waters with abundant coral and tropical fish life, a perfect place for beginners to snorkel.

Best Snorkelling in NSW

North Solitary Island offers protected bays and coves that offer the snorkeler crystal clear water. It is the perfect place not only for family outings but also for the more experienced. It is the southernmost part of the Great Barrier Reef. Where the northern currents meet the Southern currents. It offers by far the best snorkelling in New South Wales.

The Location

The Solitary Islands Marine Park is the third largest marine protected area in New South Wales. It covers a total area of 71,000 hectares and extends along 75 kilometres of coast, from Coffs Harbour north to the Sandon River mouth.

The park is home to a huge diversity of marine life, with a tropical, temperate and subtropical species of fish, coral and algae being big attraction for divers, fisherman and tour operators.

Fun for the Whole Family

  • Enjoy the clear, safe, blue waters of the Solitary Islands Marine Park
  • Only 7 nautical miles from Wooli
  • Travel on our comfortable 12m twin 300hp Suzuki powered cat
  • Snorkel with an accomplished guide
  • School excursions catered for
  • Great for a family day out
  • Experienced snorkelers catered for