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Adventure Tours

Come with us on an adventure tour of the beautiful Solitary Island Marine Park. Enjoy the 7 nautical mile ride out to North Solitary Island on our 12m twin 300hp Suzuki powered cat and get the chance to see wonderful sea life such as pods of dolphins, turtles, and the many varieties of sea birds that live out on the open waters. You never know what might pop up!

Adventure tours

Whale Watching Tours

In and around the winter months you can also witness the migration of the magnificent whales as they make their way from the cool Antarctic waters to the warmer regions up north in tropical Queensland.

There’s not much that rivals the sight of these gentle giants blowing their spouts or lifting their heavy bodies out of the blue water and then watching them come crashing down with an almighty splash.

Whale watching tours

The Location

The Solitary Islands Marine Park is the third largest marine protected area in New South Wales. It covers a total area of 71,000 hectares and extends along 75 kilometres of coast, from Coffs Harbour north to the Sandon River mouth.

The park is home to a huge diversity of marine life, with a tropical, temperate and subtropical species of fish, coral and algae being big attraction for divers, fisherman and tour operators.

Exciting Adventure Tours

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Wooli Dive Center is a PADI Training Facility

Owned and operated by Stan and Claire Young, we are a FULL Service SCUBA Diving Facility, offering snorkeling, tours and training for the new (beginner) diver through to the advanced diver and progressing to Instructor Level.

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About us

Wooli Dive Centre is the closest dive operator to the North Solitary Islands and Pimpernel Rock and has arguably the best dive boat operating on the New South Wales Coast. We are a Mares dealer, stockist and supplier with full Scuba Hire. Our aim is to provide divers and snorkelers, young, old , inexperienced or advanced, a professional, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to learn from our experience and shop.